Why is honesty hard to come by in the age of transparency? People publish a lot of details about themselves online, but much of this is thought to be falsified information. Still, there are many honest people in the world. These are the individuals who companies want to employ. In order to find ideal workers, Sterling Infosystems offers extensive employment verification options.

Teaming up with the most trusted name in global background checks can increase chances of hiring trustworthy employees. Sterling combines state-of-the-art technology and personal interviews to inspect and evaluate a job candidate’s claims and references.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Time is everything when confirming the validity of an applicant’s résumé. To provide quick turn-around, Sterling uses Screening Direct. This is an exclusive online program that allows the background check service provider to securely access pertinent information. Ethical retrieval and commitments to compliance are high priorities for Sterling Infosystems

Personal Interviews with Unique Questions

In addition to advanced technology, Sterling trusts the cooperation of unique, personal interviews. Rather than employers taking time to follow up with references, Sterling offers to take the lead with this effort. Thorough assessments are based on a hiring company’s distinct questions or picked from a variety of prompts programmed by Sterling.

Often times, these interviews are in addition to verifying other claims like military employment, driving history, and achievements in education.

Military Employment Verification

It is important to hold claims of military employment with high regard. Using the Military Record Repository, Sterling confirms what branch of military the job candidate served with and his or her dates of service. Furthermore, Sterling goes the extra mile to connect directly with a VA hospital or request a DD214 form. All verification requests are respectfully pursued when confirming military employment and other credentials.

Driving History

When a company requires its employees to operate vehicles on the job, it is important for an applicant to prove he or she has the proper license and classification. This person can also expect a full background review of driving records. In addition, an interview may be useful in getting to know personal measures of vehicle safety. If applicable, past accidents and substance abuse history may be considered as well. These questions are compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines and Sterling’s ethical standards.

Education Verification

The most common questions companies ask pertain to education. When a candidate lists high school and university accomplishments, as well as advanced study programs, Sterling Infosystems can be trusted to verify the information. The global background check service provider will produce specific details like dates of attendance, areas of concentration, degrees earned, and additional credentials or awards.

Personal and Professional Reference Check

Most companies request that applicants submit personal and professional references. Sterling connects with these contacts and uses standard and circumstantial interview questions to retrieve valuable information. Viewing the volunteered reports through subjective lenses makes it possible to gain accurate details.

In an ideal world, every person would claim true information on applications and résumés. Unfortunately, this dream belongs to those who see the world through rose colored lenses. Instead, team up with Sterling Infosystems to verify the credentials of all job candidates. Hire honest employees and make it possible to maintain a transparent workforce.